Our Secondary level Programme in English, Maths and Science is designed to support students in Years 7 and 8, and prepare Year 9 students for the transition to GCSE level. Our class sizes are always small, averaging just 4 students per class in order to ensure each student receives maximum attention, individualized learning and support from our Tutors which is tailored to their needs. One to one tuition is also provided to those with particular needs.

Group Tuition for Year 7

Having made the often difficult transition from Primary, Year 7 is seen as a year of discovery and intellectual rigor for many students. At Study Buddies we encouraged and push our Year 7 students to achieve their full potential in all core subjects. At regular intervals throughout the academic year, our students will sit mock tests and exam to assess their understanding and learning.

Group Tuition for Year 8

We encourage our year 8 students to develop good study skills and the ability to learn independently. Homework is set weekly according to their individual learning plan. We welcome the cooperation of parents in ensuring that homework is completed promptly, and to a high standard. Before joining our classes an initial assessment is conducted to find out each student’s current strengths and weaknesses to ensure that each lesson is planned effectively.

Group Tuition for Year 9

The Year 9 curriculum is demanding and varied in order to offer a wide range of academic opportunities to students who will choose their GCSE and IGCSE subjects during the term. Our Tutors will begin to use more of the methodologies associated with GCSE in this year in order to prepare students for what lies ahead.