GCSE Maths, Science & English Group Tuition

It is crucial that the students are confident at their Maths, English and Science at the GCSE Stage. Those of many talented children whose fundamental problems unresolved find GCSE a difficult hurdle. At Study Buddies Tuition Centre, the individualised teaching resolve children’s uncertainties in their subject area while providing intense revision to prepare them for GCSE.

Our GCSE Science programme encourages students to understand the theoretical concepts and be able to apply their knowledge. Our programme provides subject guidance on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students have the opportunity to take single, double or triple science tuition.

Our GCSE Maths programme also takes a similar approach and so far has 100% pass rate of A* to C.

Group classes are held on weekdays and weekends. Prior to allocating a lesson we carry out a free of charge assessment for us to understand how we can help the child. The results of the assessment, we feed to the tutor, to the parents and work with the child on how we can improve their grades. The initial assessment further help us to monitor the progress and understand how the child is progressing with us.

Class sizes are small, average of five children in a class and children receive sufficient individualised time and attention from the teacher in order to get the help needed with the topics with which they are struggling. One to one tuition can also be arranged upon request.

Those who start receiving GCSE help and guidance from year 10 or earlier have the best opportunity achieving well in their GCSE compared to children who seeks only intense revision just before their exams.

We encourage parents to enrol their child at an early start just one hour per week per subject rather than enrolling for many hours per week per subject just very near to the exam. This gives the child the opportunity to mature over a period of time at their own pace and they will benefit better from the intense revision near to their exams.

We understand the cost of tuition can be challenging for many, therefore we offer flexible payment options to suit each family,which the parents can discuss at the time of enrolment.



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GCSE Maths, Science & English


We offer Higher Tier or Foundation Tier Linear Maths for students depending on their competency. Students are continuously assessed through regular progress tests to identify where they need improvement and coupled with their previous Maths knowledge they are taught on concepts and techniques to retain lifelong learning of Maths as well as getting through their exams. Our Maths pass rate is A*-C 100%.


We offer GCSE English which counts as a single GCSE. This is a linear course and Students are assessed at the end of the course, typically during the summer exam cycle. An additional assessment window may be available in November for retakes depending on the specification availability. Students are continuously assessed through regular progress tests to identify where they need improvement and coupled with their previous English knowledge they are taught on reading and writing skills to retain lifelong learning of English as well as getting through their exams.


We offer GCSE Science which counts as a single GCSE. Students will take B1, C1, and P1 with the Controlled Assessment. This is a linear course and Students are assessed at the end of the course, during the summer exam cycle. The course is ideal for students who are wishing to achieve a GCSE Science qualification. We are capable of offering the GCSE in Additional Science following an initial assessment of capability and capacity.


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Intensive GCSE: One Year GCSE

The GCSE Intensive course is designed to offer students the chance to revisit and potentially improve upon the GCSE qualifications that they have taken during years 10 and 11. Oftentimes, due to unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances, a student may not achieve their full potential in their first sitting; we are here to provide the chance for each student to reach their potential.

Over the span of fifteen years in an educational field, we have discovered students mainly suffer in their GCSE grades due to methodologies, or simply a lack of application and hard work. Resistance in overcoming problems in key skills such as numeracy and literacy can sometimes be due to a student’s previous study environment. Our intimate, warm atmosphere provides the perfect environment for students to learn and feel comfortable tackling the tasks they find most difficult, with practiced, patient tutors to guide them.

One year intensive GCSE courses offer students another opportunity to progress in this key milestone in their study life. Here at Reliance College we offer students the ability to study 6 GCSE’s (with a maximum of 9 at once, depending on ability and interest). These are IGCSE’s, which are the International version of the GCSE qualification and recognised all over the world. IGCSE examinations are favoured by the leading independent schools, seen as a more advanced test and as a better preparation for AS and A levels.

Our one-year GCSE courses are equally suitable for students who have previously taken their GCSE’s at another school and wish to improve their grades, and for those who have never taken GCSE’s before and wish to do so in one year. These courses would also suit those who have been home-educated as a final preparation for the examinations.

This course is also quite popular with A-Level students who may have completed their GCSEs and moved onto AS levels but failed to get passes in core subjects such as English and Maths. These two subjects are particularly important because all universities will look for these qualifications as a pre-requisite for the reading of a degree in any subject.

We will assist you in choosing the subjects according to your full potential to achieve the highest result.

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