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Our GCSE and A-Level students benefit from the expertise of our experienced tutors as well from the resources that we provide our tutors to teach with.Furthermore, we have past examination papers from the different exam boards along with examiners’ reports which give our students the full range of exam banks at their disposal. It is widely known in the teaching professional that regularly practicing past question papers opens the door to exam success. It’s a simple: the better your child is at undertaking exams under exam like conditions, the better their chances are of achieving the best results.As part of our admission process, we will be notified of which exam board each student is following so that we can monitor the action plan of the student. We work closely with each student to plan our their goals and objectives in advance.


Our tuition can dramatically improve your child’s confidence, ability and academic performance. Read, how Study-Buddies.co.uk can assist your child through tuition. Contact us on 0203 633 282 to discuss your requirements and our availability.


Within our Maths tuition we provide assistance in algebra, geometry and measures, numbers, statistics and probability, calculus and functional maths. This encompasses a whole range of specific subjects that include; expressions and formulae, equations, graphs, patterns and sequences. We also provide tuition in transformations, symmetry, coordinates, perimeter, area, volume, measurement, distance, speed and time, rounding and estimating, ratio and proportion, factors, multiples and primes, powers and roots and decimals.


With our tuition for English we cover its combined categories of reading, speaking and listening skills, critical writing, creative writing and spoken language. We look at these subjects in depth and provide our pupils with an understanding of non-fiction texts, analysis for non-fiction texts, writing for different purposes, identifying genre, audience, purpose and style. We also teach our pupils how to write to advise, write to argue, write to inform, explain and describe. We delve further into articulation, body language, content, speaking and listening tasks.  We also provide an overview for themes and ideas, characterisation and voice, language, form and structure.


In our tuition for Science we can categorise this in three parts; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. With Biology we look at; living organisms, nutrition, digestion and excretion, respiration and gas exchange, health and disease, reproduction, ecosystems and habitats, inheritance and genetics, evolution, humans and the environment, nerves and hormones, transport. For chemistry; solids, liquids and gases, atomic structure, quantitative chemistry, chemical reactions and tests, metals, organic chemistry, acids, alkalis and salts, energy, crude oil and fuels, chemical industry, earth and the environment, materials, and finally for Physics; forces and movement, electricity, waves, electromagnetism and magnetism, energy, solids, liquids and gases, space, atoms and radiation, the origin of chemical elements, inventions.


Our tuition in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) focuses on traditional computer-based technologies and digital communication technologies. We provide tuition in hardware, software, data and databases, networks and communications, measurement and control, modelling and simulation, legal framework, risks and implications of ICT, and Industrial and commercial applications. ICT is an ever changing subject so we strive to bring the latest cutting edge developments to our pupils.

Business Studies

We provide expert tuition in economics and management and its categorised subjects such as; aims and organisation, enterprise and entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, finance, people in business, production, business environment, external factors, business start Up, ICT Systems in business, personal economics, growing as a business, business finance and investigating economic issues.


We will look comprehensively at the different stages of economics from how companies work, to social costs, supply and demand, financial institutions, government, and international trade. In further depth we cover factors of production, types of production specialisation and the division of labour, distribution and consumption, competition, monopoly, types of business ownership, efficiency, labour forces, wages and salaries, trade unions, standard of living, income, changes in price and demand, price equilibrium and disequilibrium, excess demand, interest rates, revenue and profit, unemployment, effects of privatisation, exports and imports, balance of payments, protectionism, free trade and trade barriers, exchange rates, and European monetary union.


With our Law tuition we look at Law Courts and Processes, specifically; Magistrates, Crown, High Court, Court of Appeal, House of Lords and the European Court to name a few. We will also look at tribunals and appeals and positions in Law such as Judges, Jury, Barristers, Solicitors, Lay people, Legal executives, Legal Services Ombudsman, Government and the role and selection of juries. We draw upon; Case Law, European Law, Legislation, Human Rights Act, Legislative Process, Delegated Legislation, Statutory Interpretation, Judicial Precedent and Law reform.


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Study Buddies was set up in 2010 by a group of professionals and Social Entrepreneurs from a broad range of industries and backgrounds including; Education, Law, Government, IT, Politics, Finance, Business Management and Medicine. The group had one aim – to create a Centre of Excellence in order to enhance the academic prospects of young people within the community of Ilford by providing expert tuition to children of all ages, regardless of their ability, at the most affordable rates. (Read More...)

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