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Our dedicated teaching staff will prepare each student intensively for the increasingly competitive 11+ examination to ensure that each of our students have the best possible chance in passing the exams.

However, our service doesn’t just stop at teaching. We will also provide each student with one of our many high achieving “Student Buddies” who have already undertaken and successfully passed the 11+ exams and are studying or have studied in some of the best grammar schools in the area, including Ilford County. This will ensure that your child has the best possible.



We train pupils comprehensively for this subject and leave no stone unturned. We cover all the following aspects listed; Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, decimals, money, metric system, time, prime numbers, prime factors, highest common factor and lowest common multiple, perimeter and area, averages, distance, speed and time, column graphs, pie charts, algebra, angle calculations, co-ordinates, reflection and rotation, percentages, simple ratio, volume of cube and cuboids, bearings, simple probability, nets of shapes, sequences and number patterns and interpreting scales.


We cover the key aspects of English; spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and creative writing. We provide expert tuition on how to spell commonly misspelt words and homophones and the basic spelling rules for making words plural, adding a prefix or suffix, punctuating sentences to ensure that pupils are able to write and identify the tense that is used with verbs. We also encourage the expansion of vocabulary with synonyms and antonyms, gender words, compound words, diminutives, comparatives and superlatives as well as assist the development of writing composition with style and sentence structures.

Verbal Reasoning.

We provide expert tuition on comprehension and the ability to understand and analyse written information, with also critical reasoning and the ability to analyse written information and use it to make correct conclusions based solely on the information found within reviewed works and text. With grammar, the ability to spell correctly and the knowhow on how to use correct tenses appropriately, pupils are presented with a unique opportunity on how to truly develop their understanding and reasoning skills presented within a framework consisting of words.

Non Verbal reasoning. 

Non-verbal reasoning requires exemplary spatial awareness which can come naturally to some, and for those who don’t we teach how to be systematic and through logical thinking, teach the process of elimination one-by-one and when to apply deduction skills and mathematical theories such as symmetry and rotation. There are also numerous activities that can provide to develop a child’s spatial awareness, visual ability and non-verbal reasoning skills such as puzzles and interconnecting kits that will prove useful.



About Us

Study Buddies was set up in 2010 by a group of professionals and Social Entrepreneurs from a broad range of industries and backgrounds including; Education, Law, Government, IT, Politics, Finance, Business Management and Medicine. The group had one aim – to create a Centre of Excellence in order to enhance the academic prospects of young people within the community of Ilford by providing expert tuition to children of all ages, regardless of their ability, at the most affordable rates. (Read More...)

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